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» KitKat goes Viral to Dominate Japan from
Very Japanese long term approach, but still brilliant. It was orchestrated over 4 years. This may be a good example of Branding working. Brilliant work for the Patient. [Read More]

» KitKat in Japan - Cadbury in India from Cardboard. Damnit!
Godin points to this great story of KitKat's success in Japan. From that blog(quoting wiki):In recent years, Kit Kats have also become very popular in Japan, a phenomenon attributed to the coincidental similarity between the bar's name and the Japanese [Read More]

» It Also Means "Surely Deep-Fried Cutlet" from The Social Customer Manifesto
Seth points to an article about "how KitKat became number one." The two quotes from the article linked above that raised my hackles: "Year 3: Some ads began to appear. They didn't look like ads. They were cute little stories [Read More]

» Creating a Market from LandingTheDeal
How often do you create sales lead opportunities where non existed before? Read this interesting post. I think you'll look at your industry in a new way, and find opportunities where none existed before. Warning: It will take creativity and... [Read More]

» sociability of Asian Americans affected by Asian values from djchuang.com
As we approach the final stretch of our blog-based book discussion on Growing Healthy Asian American Churches, Ive been underwhelmed by the number of comments posted. Statistics range anywhere from 5% to 33% of Asian Americans are Christians, an... [Read More]

» Break me off a piece from The Journal Blog
... [Read More]

» Kit Kats and Unintended Brand Messages from Grey San Francisco
This story really caught me. We have long discussed internally and with clients the concept of opening up brand to the brands consumers. The If you love it set it free idea. Its a very egalitarian, some would naive appreciation of ... [Read More]

» Kit Kat dominates Japan from Russell Page
This story about how Kit Kat became the No.1 selling candy bar brand in Japan is too good to even regurgitate. Read it for yourself. I just have to add that Kit Kats are probably one of my favorite candy bars. I would love to try some of the flavors t... [Read More]

» Kit Kat: 4 Subtle Years to Success in Japan from Snake Coffee
Read this fascinating story about how Kit Kat created a subtle, patient, four-year effort to win hearts and yen in Japan. Students in Japan have reportedly caused sales of Kit Kat bars to soar, by adopting them as lucky charms. The name of the c... [Read More]

» Contro la sfortuna niente corno, meglio KitKat from Spotanatomy.info
KitKat (lo snack al cioccolato) in giapponese si pronuncia "Kittokatsu” e vuol dire "speriamo che succeda", una sorta di buon augurio. Puntando sull’ambiguità del nome del prodotto, la Nestlè ha realizzato una subdola strategia di marketing improntat... [Read More]

» Kitkat Marketing in Japan and UK from Licence to Roam
Over on Alphamale (a blog normally dedicated to health issues by the look of it) is a story of how Kitkat increased their sales in Japan. A definite longview approach, building up a story of a brand over 4 years,... [Read More]

» Wie KatKat in Japan Nummer eins wurde - mit einer cleveren Kampagne from Ideentower
Über meinen Zufalls-Webseiten-Generator http://www.stumbleupon.com/ (ideal um neue Webseiten zu entdecken und den Horizont zu erweitern, und als kleiner Pausenfüller) bin ich auf einen Blog gestoßen, der sehr gut beschreibt, wie der Schokoriegel KitKat... [Read More]



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